Agile for Hardware Product Development

Agile approaches that provide dramatic improvements in developing complex hardware, software, or mixed hardware-software products.

Agile for Hardware


Product development of any kind—hardware, software, or combined—is plagued by numerous unknown unknowns. The product concept, business needs, and market drivers may shift dramatically after development starts causing numerous technology issues to arise. Concepts that were thought to be easy turn out to be difficult. Yet, for many large enterprises, the alignment of hardware and software processes is critical to ensure a reliable and integrated product-development environment.

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Meet the founder of Agile for Hardware

Dr. Thompson is the Agile researcher and creator behind cPrime's Agile training content and consulting standards.

Kevin Thompson, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist

Dr. Thompson is the Agile researcher and creator behind cPrime's Agile training content and consulting standards. He has developed Scrum, Kanban, Agile Program Management, Agile Portfolio Management, and other classes for cPrime. His research into large-scale product development within and outside of the software world has defined cPrime's Agile scaling strategies for Program and Portfolio management. His pioneering research into Agile techniques for developing hardware and mixed hardware-software products is likewise available through cPrime's Certified Agile Hardware Practitioner class. Dr Thompson is a strong believer in suiting the process to the work, not the work to the process. He is equally comfortable working with executives and development teams.

Dr. Thompson spent years researching space science at NASA's Ames Research Center. He eventually moved on to develop commercial software, first as an engineer, and later as a project manager. While managing StarCite's PMO, Dr. Thompson completed a successful Data-Warehouse project with Scrum, and never looked back. At cPrime, he has helped over one hundred clients, ranging from very small to very large, with Agile development of Web applications, Cloud Computing, Compilers, computer games, medical products, and physical products such as mass spectrometers and gas chromatography equipment.

Ph.D., Physics, Princeton University | Certified ScrumMaster | Certified Scrum Professional | PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner | Certified Project Management Professional

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